“The VSeat is the perfect answer to an age old problem and an old-age problem: sensitive skin in the crotch. I’ve been able to take several long rides now with no complaints after years of either avoiding rides or regretting I had taken them. There’s not a lot of area to sit on but I found the seat comfortable once I got used to it. I highly recommend anyone try this product before putting their bicycle out to pasture. This will extend my riding by years, if not decades. Thank you for coming up with a product that meets my specific needs.”


The soft texture of the pad on the VSEAT® makes it comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods.

Slip Resistant

The material used to make the VSEAT® Pad will grip your tush.

UV Resistant

The VSEAT® can be left in the sun and won’t fade.

Easy to Clean

The VSEAT® can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

Light Weight

The VSEAT® weighs less than a pound which means it is light to race on.

Ultra Durable

The VSEAT® is built from high quality and durable materials, similar to those used in the seats by the aerospace industry.

Environmentally Conscious

The material used to make the VSEAT® is recyclable and reusable.

Weather Resistant

The VSEAT® can resist temperatures ranging from (-22°) to 284° Fahrenheit.

VSEAT® Chatter

Cyclists Are Loving The VSEAT®!


The VSEAT® is ergonomically designed to support the sit bones on a soft pad. The VSEAT® pad liberates your genitals from impact and will allow for unconstricted blood flow to your tender groin area. You can sit on the VSEAT® and feel free when cycling.


The VSEAT®’s design allows for unconstricted blood flow to the genitals which will help you sustain your sexual organs and sexual health. Once you are liberated, you will be encouraged to cycle more often and for longer periods of time. You can sit on the VSEAT® and feel energized and healthy when cycling.


The VSEAT® supports you and is customizable. Soon you can choose from a number of options that will fit you and your cycling preferences. You will have options on pad colors, pad covers, and pad densities, whether you are a stationary biker, road biker, mountain biker, or a recreational cruiser. You can sit on the VSEAT® and be YOU!