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Discover a noseless, bumpless, comfortable, ergonomic cycling experience, indoors or outdoors, with the VSEAT®. 

The VSEAT® comes with a 10 year warranty, is durable, and fully recyclable.

VSEAT Corp. is a U.S. based women owned company. The VSEAT® is made entirely in the U.S.A.

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Pull off the pad. Hand wash items individually with cold water and a little bit of dish soap. Air dry or dry with microfiber towel.

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  • Be assured with our 30 days trial and easy returns policy.
  • Doctor recommended #1 seat for cycling.
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Doctor recommended #1 seat for cycling.

Whether you ride indoors, city streets, or on the trail, the VSEAT® noseless, bumpless bicycle seat truly has your back.

Order yours today and say goodbye to pain, numbness, and chaffing.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 0.5 in
Pad Color: No selection

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27 reviews for VSEAT® Complete Bicycle Seat

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Image #1 from Larry Perry
Image #2 from Jason Safdie
Image #1 from Larry Perry

Larry Perry

Takes some adjustment and getting used to but once you are there it’s super comfortable. No more sore crotch!

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Image #2 from Jason Safdie

Jason Safdie

I found this seat after searching for bike fitting videos on YouTube. It was an ad that rolled before one of those videos. At that time, I was getting back into indoor cycling and I had the dreaded groin soreness. Some friends of mine who cycle just shrugged and were like “this is part of riding.” I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. After riding on the VSEAT for almost two months now on my Echelon GT, the soreness is history. It took a couple of short rides to get used to it. I now regularly do 60-90 minute Zone 2 rides in the saddle. No problem, no soreness. End of argument, end of search. This is the seat. Sometimes life has clean solutions to problems; this is one of those rare times.

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Image #1 from Larry Perry
Image #2 from Jason Safdie
1-5 of 27 reviews
  1. Got this for my trail bike to see if it would make longer rides more pleasant and less painful. And it definitely delivered on the comfort factor! No numbness, and it especially comfortable with a pair of padded shorts. Would love to see the next version with a slightly narrower seat width but other than that it’s really great!

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  2. I discovered VSEAT because my bike is technically too big for me. It’s an excellent bike and I love it but the model and size I wanted were not available so I bought a larger size. The seat post/saddle are in the lowest position to fit me. It was awkward to stop due to the height of the saddle and the saddle nose. I decided to look for a noseless saddle to help with this. I decided to try a VSEAT due to its low height, design and great reviews. It totally solved my problem! It allows me to easily and safely slide forward when I stop. I really wasn’t looking for more comfort when I bought it, but after several rides and fine tuning of the seat inclination, it’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden. In the past I’d regularly stand up on the pedals to ease discomfort on longer rides. Now this is rarely necessary unless I just want to stretch my legs. I’m really happy with my VSEAT and highly recommend it!

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    Awesome seat . Very comfortable on long rides. No more numb butt!! When I stop at a intersection, my leg/cheek doesn’t get caught on the horn,giving amusement to others as I stumble and fall over.
    Company extremely helpful if you have any issues.

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  4. The design really eliminates all pressure in my groin, no discomfort. The seat is very firm. Longer rides require padded shorts. Well made seat. Glad I switched to it.

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  5. Takes some adjustment and getting used to but once you are there it’s super comfortable. No more sore crotch!

    Image #1 from Larry Perry
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