VSEAT® Warranty

VSEAT® Warranty

Last updated September 2023

  1. VSEAT® WARRANTY: VSEAT Corp. stands by the integrity of its Products, offering assurance against material defects in materials or craftsmanship (the “Product Warranty”) for a duration of twenty-four (24) months from the acquisition date (the “Product Warranty Period”), as verified via a valid proof of purchase. The valid proof of purchase is the applicable Product(s) receipt provided by VSEAT Corp. Within this Warranty Period, items identified with such defects will either be repaired or replaced by VSEAT Corp. (a “Warranty Claim”), unless the defect results from negligence, misuse, or inappropriate installation. VSEAT Corp. confirms that every Product released has undergone rigorous quality checks, ensuring it’s devoid of obvious aesthetic flaws in texture, finishing, or appearance that could have been evident during the purchase or incurred due to transit damages.

    It’s worth noting that minor imperfections might occur, given the artisanal methods employed in production. Ignoring guidelines provided in this manual nullifies the Product Warranty, and in such instances, VSEAT Corp. won’t bear responsibility or liability for any damages or injuries. This Product Warranty is exclusively for the initial buyer and is non-transferable.
  2. CARE & LONGEVITY: VSEAT Corp. can assure the Product’s longevity only when it’s used and maintained appropriately. The Product’s lifespan may fluctuate based on usage frequency, environmental conditions, quality of terrain, rider’s weight, and cycling patterns. Potential hazards like falls, collisions, or prolonged excessive use can impair the Product. It’s vital to routinely inspect for any indications of cracks, deformities, wear, or structural damage; if spotted, immediately discontinue use and consider replacement. Prioritizing safety, VSEAT Corp. advises substituting the Product after a decade or in scenarios where structural degradation is apparent or suspected.

    Cleaning your VSEAT® is straightforward: wipe with a moist cloth infused with mild soap. After cleaning, air-dry the Product. Occasionally, you might notice some noise, possibly due to improper installation or debris trapped between the VSEAT® and its mounting point. If encountered, ensure the VSEAT® is mounted correctly and free from any detritus. It’s essential to note that such noises aren’t grounds for warranty claims.
  1. Warranty Claim Procedure: Upon receipt of your Warranty Claim, VSEAT Corp.’s technical team will review it within 7-10 days. If you need to return a malfunctioning Product, VSEAT Corp. commits to providing a replacement within 10 days from the receipt date of the defective item. Forward your claim details to [email protected].

    If a defect becomes apparent during the Product Warranty Period, and with valid proof of purchase, VSEAT Corp. will either mend the Product using VSEAT® authorized parts or provide a substitute of identical or equivalent value promptly. For all warranty-related services, please engage with VSEAT Corp. Producing a purchase receipt or a document indicating the date of purchase is essential. All repair services related to valid Warranty Claims are exempt from parts and labor charges.
  2. The Product Warranty may be void under the following conditions:
    • Issues stemming from misuse or mishandling;
    • Damages triggered by uncontrollable events such as fires or natural disasters;
    • Damages due to unauthorized or inappropriate fixes not carried out by VSEAT Corp. certified personnel;
    • Absence of the purchase proof during service request; or
    • Expiration of the warranty period.